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Keith Lee Johnson is the author of seven novels. His most successful novels are the Little Black Girl Lost stories. The journey to publication began at Owens Community College, and was accidental as he never intended to be an author. He began writing when a literature professor unwittingly challenged his ability to write a credible story in class one day. He picked up a pen that very day and has been writing ever since. Keith went on to graduate with honors and became the commencement speaker for the December 1996 graduating class.

Keith joined the United States Air Force in September 1978, attained a Top Secret security clearance, and served his country Texas, Mississippi, Nevada, California, Turkey, and various other places in his four years of active service.

Keith has written in several genres including, suspense/thrillers, drama, and contemporary fiction. He lives in Toledo, Ohio.

His faithful readers can also expect Hell Has No Fury: a Phoenix Perry novel, October 2007. To read excerpts and for more information, visit his website: www.keithleejohnson.com

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