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Little Black Girl Lost 2 Cover
A THUNDERSTORM swept through New Orleans. Lightening flashed suddenly in Johnnie's bedroom window. The howling wind and rolling thunder seemed to be directly over her Ashland Estates home. It had been raining all night but Johnnie slept soundly for the first time since the night she watched George Grant, affectionately known as Bubbles, murder Richard Goode, who served as the Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan. Goode was paying Marguerite, Johnnie's mother, for sex, who later, under the threat of blackmail, ruthlessly beat her to within an inch of her life and then put a bullet in her brain.

From time to time, images of that night flooded Johnnie's mind. She could still hear Goode's final words to her as she watched from Marguerite's powder blue Oldsmobile. She had watched Bubbles, and the man-child she loved, Lucas Matthews, beat Goode savagely with a pistol and brass knuckles. "You're just like her!" He had screamed, referring to Marguerite. He could see Johnnie's silhouette in the moonlight. "You're a good for nothin' black nigger whore too! Don't forget that! You can't change what you are!"

But Johnnie hadn't forgotten. How could she? She couldn't because there was a certain measure of truth in his words. The house she lived in, the furniture and appliances in it, the money in the bank, and the ever-growing stock portfolio served as constant reminders too. The senseless murder of Reverend Staples on the stairs of the library as he pled the volatile mob to come their senses was also a constant image in her young and still impressionable mind.

So many people had died that night; black and white alike, women and children fell in the middle of the street, dead because she had to have her brand of justice; the kind of justice a Negro couldn't get in a courtroom, Johnnie's beauty was able to procure with relative ease. And so no, she could never forget as all this reminded Johnnie of how she acquired her small fortune. But deep in her heart, as a born again Christian, she knew that just as Richard Goode had his day of reckoning, she would have hers too.

Johnnie found herself constantly fighting back tears because everything in her life had gone wrong the previous year. Her mother was murdered, and her precious virginity was auctioned. After being plundered at fifteen by a grown man who should have known better and a mother who sanctioned it all, Johnnie eventually submitted to the weekly humiliation day after day, month after month, and learned the value of her body and how to subdue men with it.

She sold her body to Earl Shamus for money, to Napoleon Bentley to save her boyfriend's life, and to Martin Winters for knowledge of how the stock market worked. Earl Shamus and Martin Winter's were a not so pleasant memory, but Napoleon Bentley was another story altogether.

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Little Black Girl Lost 3 Cover

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Little Black Girl Lost 2 Cover

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