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Little Black Girl Lost 2 Cover
"I want it now!"

JOHNNIE WISE opened her eyes, turned on the light, and looked at the clock on her nightstand. It was nearly six o'clock. Sadie, her next door neighbor and best friend, would be coming over for breakfast before they drove to the Garden District, where they worked as maids for the affluent aristocracy of New Orleans. Although Johnnie had plenty of money and didn't have to work, today would be her first day. She was excited because not only was this her first job, she would be working for the Beauregards, her white relative. She'd wanted to meet them for years.

Marguerite had told her she was related to them because Nathaniel Beauregard was her father by blood. He had been having an affair with Josephine Baptiste, Marguerite's mother, who was also a prostitute. When Johnnie was a little girl, before she knew she was a Negro, and the overt ramifications of being of that persuasion, she never understood how she could have such rich relatives, who lived in an expensive neighborhood, while she and her mother lived in run down Sable Parish.

Johnnie wanted to tell Sadie about the conflict that raged within her, but she'd promised Sadie she wouldn't sleep with Napoleon Bentley. If she told Sadie about the sexual liaison, she would have to admit to everything, including admitting how she felt about Napoleon and how he skillfully awakened her young body a little over a week ago, and gave her the kind of orgasm that caused her to faint from its consuming power. The night at the chic Bel Glades hotel was becoming a constant fixture in her mind and she fantasized about Napoleon daily. No one had made love to Johnnie the way Napoleon had.

Napoleon Bentley was a ruthless gangster and that made the allure even more tantalizing. The memory of him lapping at her secret place for what seemed like an eternity and the raw sex between them bombarded her mind like a Vampire's ravenous hunger; an insane hunger that would never know satisfaction. Her own words echoed in her mind; the words she said to him, literally begging to have her walls filled with his thick tool, plowing uncharted territory. "Stick it in me now! I want it now!"

Nevertheless, she was in love with her boyfriend, Lucas Matthews, who had come to her rescue when she was accosted by classmates on the way home from school one day. The crowd was led by Billy Logan, who'd had a crush on Johnnie before learning of her dalliance with Earl Shamus.

Deeply hurt by this knowledge, Billy called her a whore and suggested that she was not only having relations with a white man, she was performing fellatio too. It was one thing to be called a whore, but to have everyone know the intimate details of her "business" transactions were more than she could bare and she wept.

In Johnnie's time of utter desperation, high school football star, Lucas Matthews, who was tall, powerfully built, and ruggedly handsome, had a well deserved and legendary reputation for kicking ass and taking names. It had been rumored that he had even whipped a few men. When he came to her rescue that day, when he whipped Billy Logan, when he made him apologize on his knees, she fell deeply in love with him on the spot because he respected her even though he too had heard the same stories as everyone else.

Lucas was so enamored by her beauty that he sacrificed his pride for her, letting her continue the "relationship" with Earl Shamus because she promised to stop as soon as it was financially feasible. But later, he realized that Johnnie had been unfaithful to him, and had allowed Napoleon Bentley to bed her. Lucas found a note written by Napoleon in her purse when he innocently looked inside to see what women kept in them. The note mentioned that by having sex with Napoleon, Johnnie had saved Lucas' life because Napoleon had threatened to kill him. It wasn't until Lucas saw the amorous look on Johnnie's face when she looked at Napoleon the night they killed Richard Goode that he realized she enjoyed the erotic romp.

Now the contradiction of loving Lucas and the desire to have sex with Napoleon confused her. Johnnie didn't understand how she could love Lucas, yet want to be with Napoleon;and she hated Napoleon. What bothered her most was his nonchalant attitude toward her the day after she'd had sex with him.

She'd opened her long well-toned elegant legs to him, let him enter her voluptuous body with no resistance, let him pumped her hard and steady until she couldn't help herself, and pumped hard too. And then for him to tell her it wasn't as great as he'd hoped it would be, humiliated her and made her feel somehow less than the woman she thought she'd become over the course of a very tumultuous and unpredictable year.

After a few more minutes of soul-searching, she finally got out of bed and showered. As the water rained down on her, she thought about Lucas Matthews and how even though she'd had sex with another man to save his life, she adored him because he was the only one who cared about her. The fact that he'd slept with Marla Bentley, Napoleon's sexy wife, meant nothing to her; after all, she had been busy herself, accommodating four different men. More important, she slept with Napoleon because he had blackmailed her. He knew about the secret affair with Martin Winters, her former stockbroker; Lucas didn't and she wanted to keep it that way.

I'm going to convince Lucas to trust me again. I'm never going to betray him again. I'll just give him all he can handle until he realizes how much I love him. And then, we'll get married, start a family, and move to San Francisco with my brother, Benny and his wife, Brenda. I have plenty of money. But first, I have to get to know my white relatives.

Then she went downstairs and prepared breakfast.

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