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Little Black Girl Lost 2 Cover
Book Description

After his blockbuster success of Little Black Girl Lost, and Little Black Girl Lost II Keith Lee Johnson takes us back to 1950's New Orleans, into the world of betrayal, envy, lust, and murder, where everyone has ulterior motives. The past resurfaces in this third installment of the life and times of seventeen year old Johnnie Wise. Truth has its consequences and Johnnie has a lot to answer for. The innocent girl we met in the first installment of this compelling series is gone; all that remains is the self-absorbed, self-righteous courtesan who is now complicit in three murders. She is surrounded by enemies who will stop at nothing to see that she pays for her past indiscretions. Two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars of the money that Sharon Trudeau (Johnnie's Stockbroker) stole is missing--the money Bubbles gave to Johnnie after killing Sharon in a Fort Lauderdale Hotel. The cops think Johnnie's involved and they want answers. Someone has to answer for Sharon's murder. Will Johnnie land on her feet again? Or has her luck finally run out?

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4 Star Rating
January 30, 2007
And This Too Shall Pass

Reviewer: Miss Toni "Avid Reader" (Midwest)

The memorable men and women of 1950s New Orleans are back in Keith Lee Johnson's daring novel of greed and dangerous choices. Savvy Johnnie Wise returns. Along with her, the aristocratic Beuregards, the seedy underworld of New Orleans and a racially divided community. Johnnie made her point by exposing her family lineage, but at what cost? Fueled by hatred, ignorance and prejudices, the town is in an uproar and Johnnie seems to be the perfect escape goat. A white person is dead. A black person must pay.

Little Black Girl Lost 3 is a clever story of murder, passion, greed, and deadly ambition. This intelligent and interesting book does not disappoint. While I hate to see this series come to an end, I am happy to have many of my questions answered. Johnson uses his skill as a talented storyteller to deliver just the right touch of intrigue and drama.

Now for my public service announcement...if you haven't read ALL of Keith's books, you are doing yourself a disservice. The brother is truly talented. If you've only read the Little Black Girl Lost books and enjoyed them, try Sugar & Spice, PRETENSES, Fate's Redemption and The Honeymoon Is Over. Those books feature Johnnie Wise's nephews all grown up. Looking forward to Hell Has No Fury.

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Little Black Girl Lost 3 Cover

#9 Sizzling Black Expressions Fiction!

The Honeymoon Is Over Cover

Little Black Girl Lost 2 Ranked #2 on Black Expressions for May 2006!

Little Black Girl Lost 2 Cover

Fate's Redemption Ranked #19 on Black Expressions for August 2005!

Fate´s Redemption Hard Bound Cover

Little Black Girl Lost has been on Black Expressions' best seller list for 8 months! Thanks one and all!

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