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East Side Cover

Two Thin Dimes Cover

Austin, Cindy Brown

By the Rivers of Babylon Cover

Bacon, Shonell

Luv Always Cover

Draw Me with Your Love Cover

Baptiste, Michael D.

Cracked Dreams Cover

Godchild Cover

Bernard, D. V.

Last Dream Before Dawn Cover

God in the Image of Woman Cover

How to Kill Your Boyfriend Cover

Intimate Relationships with Strangers Cover

Raw Essentials of Human Sexuality Cover

Billingsly, ReShonda Tate

My Brother's Keeper Cover

Four Degrees of Heat Cover

Let the Church Say Amen Cover

Help! I've Turned into My Mother Cover

Have a Little Faith Cover

Nothing but Drama Cover

Blessings in Disguise Cover

I Know I've Been Changed Cover

With Friends Like These Cover

Everybody Say Amen Cover

Pastor's Wife Cover

Getting Even Cover

Can I Get a Witness Cover

Fair-Weather Friends Cover

Friends 'Til the End Cover

Devil is a Lie Cover

Birch, Dywane D.

When Loving You is Wrong Cover

Shattered Souls Cover

From My Soul to Yours Cover

Another Time, Another Place Cover

Beneath the Bruises Cover

Brooks-McKinney, Tina

All That Drama Cover

Chocolate Seduction Cover

Lawd Mo´ Drama Cover

Fool Stop Trippin Cover

Brown, Laurinda D.

Fire & Brimstone Cover

Under Cover Cover

Walk Like a Man Cover

Highest Price for Passion Cover

Carter, Danita

Peer Pleasure Cover

Cheekes, Shonda Cover

Another Man´s Wife Cover

In the Midst of It All Cover

Decoys, Inc. Cover

Cook, Janet Stevens

Black Skyy Cover

Cooper, William Fredrick Cover

6 Days in January Cover

There´s Always a Reason Cover

Crockett, Mark

Turkey Stuffer Cover

Dealin´ with the Dead Cover

Daniels, J.

Luv Always Cover

Draw Me with Your Love Cover

Shades of a Chameleon Cover

Serpent in My Corner Cover

Kisses Aren´t Always Sweet Cover

Darden, J. Marie

Enemy Fields Cover

Finding Dignity Cover

DeLeon, Michelle

Missed Conceptions Cover

Love to the Third Cover

Once Upon a Family Tree Cover

Devlin, Delilah

Royal Bondage Cover

A Hot Man is the Best Revenge Cover

Obsessed Cover

Faye, Cheryl

Mama Dear Cover

Test of Time Cover

Time for Us Cover

First Love Cover

Be Careful What You Wish For Cover

Feenix, Dante

Diary of a 12-Inch Brotha Cover

Halima, Shelley

Azýcar Moreno Cover

Los Morenos Cover

Blinding Mirror Cover

Hall, Reginald L.

Memoir: Delaware County Prison Cover

Smoking Cigarettes Cover

In Love with a Thug Cover

Handfield, Laurel

My Diet Starts Tomorrow Cover

Mirror, Mirror Cover

Hayes, Lee

Passion Marks Cover

Deeper Shade of Blue - Passion Marks II Cover

Messiah Cover

Flesh to Flesh Cover

Hobbs, Allison

Pandora´s Box Cover

Insatiable Cover

Dangerously in Love Cover

Double Dippin´ Cover

The Enchantress Cover

Bona Fide Gold Digger Cover

The Climax Cover

Big Juicy Lips - Double Dippin´ 2 Cover

One Taste Cover

Disciplined Cover

Holter, Jessica

Verbal Penetration Cover

Punany the Hip Hop Psalms II: Black Love American Style Cover

Punany: The Hip Hop Psalms III: The Onliners Cover

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Head Doctor's Sex Tales Cover

Hunter, Travis

Hearts of Men Cover

Married but Still Looking Cover

Trouble Man Cover

A One Woman Man Cover

Truth be Told Cover

Something to Die For Cover

Family Sin Cover

Dark Child Cover

Hurd, Jimmy

Turnaround Cover

Ice Dancer Cover

Jenkins, Nikki

Playing with the Hand I Was Dealt Cover

Jenkins-Sanders, Marsha

Other Side of Through Cover

Jealousy Cover

Johnson, Keith Lee

Sugar & Spice Cover

Pretenses Cover

Little Black Girl Lost Cover

Fate's Redemption Cover

Little Black Girl Lost 2 Cover

Little Black Girl Lost 3 Cover

The Honeymoon is Over Cover

Hell Has No Fury Cover

Little Black Girl Lost 4 Cover

Little Black Girl Lost 5 Cover

Johnson, Rique

Love & Justice Cover Cover

Whispers from a Troubled Heart Cover

Every Woman´s Man Cover

A Dangerous Return Cover

Love on a Two-Way Street Cover

Kai, Naleighna

Every Woman Needs a Wife Cover

King, J. L.

C. P. Time Cover

Kinyua, Kimani

The Brotherhood of Man Cover

Lee, Darrien

All That And A Bag Of Chips Cover

Been There, Done That Cover

What Goes Around Comes Around Cover

When Hell Freezes Over Cover

Brotherly Love Cover

Talk to the Hand Cover

The Last Chance Cover

Denim Diaries 1: 16 Going On 21 Cover

Double Crossed Cover

Denim Diaries 2: Grown in Sixty Seconds Cover

Denim Diaries 3: Queen of the Yard Cover

Lofton, Rodney

Day I Stopped Being Pretty Cover

No More Tomorrows: Two Lives, Two Stories, One Love Cover

Luckett, Jonathan

Feeding Frenzy Cover

Jasminium Cover

How Ya Livin´ Cover

Dissolve Cover

The Matting Game Cover

The Forever Game Cover

Mathis, Greg

Street Judge Cover

Moore, Dante

Re-Education of the Female Cover

Muhammad, Mildred

Scared Silent Cover

Nesbit, Charisse

Learning to Scream: Joanne's Revelation Cover

Dream Deferred, a Joy Achieved Cover

Parker, Che

Tragic Flaw Cover

Precious Life Cover

Perkins, Suzetta

Behind the Veil Cover

A Love so Deep Cover

Ex-Terminator: Life After Marriage Cover

Pinnock, Janice

Last Good Kiss Cover

Presley, Michael

Blackfunk Cover

Blackfunk II: No Regrets / No Apologies Cover

Blackfunk III: Whatever it Takes Cover

Tears on a Sunday Afternoon Cover

Quartay, Nane

feenin Cover

The Badness Cover

Take Two and Pass Cover

Come Get Some Cover

Ri'Chard, A.P.

Caged Innocence Cover

Rivera, David Jr.

Harlem´s Dragon Cover

Street Sweeper: See No Evil Cover

Playing in the Dark: The Emptiness Love Brings Cover

Last Prejudice Cover

Rivers, V. Anthony

Daughter by Spirit Cover

Everybody Got Issues Cover Cover

My Life is All I Have Cover

Love is Never Painless Cover

Roberts, Dr. James D.

Black Political Theology Cover

Black Theology in Dialogue Cover

Prophethood of Black Believers Cover

Philosophical Introduction to Theology Cover

Africentric Christianity: A Theological Appraisal for Ministry Cover

Christian Beliefs Cover

Roots of a Black Future: Family and Church Cover

Bonhoeffer and King: Speaking Truth to Power Cover

The Quest for Liberation and Reconciliation Cover

Liberation And Reconciliation: A Black Theology Cover

Sewell, Earl Cover

Have Mercy Cover


Everlasting Cover

Melody Cover

Stephens, Sylvester

Our Time has Come Cover

Office Girls Cover

Nature of a Woman Cover

Tate, Sonsyrea

Little X: Growing Up In The Nation Of Islam Cover

Do Me Twice Cover

Terry, Kimberly Kaye

Auctioned Cover

Turley, Harold L. II

Love´s Game Cover

Chocolate Seduction Cover

Confessions of a Lonely Soul Cover

Born Dying Cover

Valentine, Michelle

Nyagra´s Falls Cover

Girl´s Gotta Eat Cover

Insatiable: The Rise of a Porn Star Cover

White, A. J.

Ballad of a Ghetto Poet Cover

White, Franklin

Cup of Love Cover

Fed Up with the Fanny Cover

Money for Good Cover

Potentially Yours Cover

Til Death Do Us Part Cover

First Round Lottery Pick Cover

Joy and Pain Cover

Whitfield, Van

Something's Wrong with Your Scale!: A Romantic Comedy Cover

Beeperless Remote : A Guy, Some Girls and His Answering Machine Cover

Guys in Suits Cover

Dad Interrupted Cover

Woodson, J.L.

Superwoman´s Child: Son of a Single Mother Cover


Addicted Cover Cover

Sex Chronicles : Shattering the Myth Cover

Heat Seekers Cover

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Chocolate Flava: The Anthology Cover

Sisters of APF: The Indoctrination of Soror Ride Dick Cover

Nervous Cover

Dark Dreams: A Collection of Horror and Suspense Cover

Skyscraper Cover

Breaking the Cycle Cover

Shame on it All Cover

Afterburn Cover

Caramel Flava: The Anthology Cover

Love is Never Painless Cover

Dear G-Spot: Straight Talk about Sex and Love Cover

Succulent: Chocolate Flava II Cover

Purple Panties: An Anthology Cover

Honey Flava Cover

Missionary No More: Purple Panties 2 Cover

Head Bangers: An APF Sexcapade Cover

Coming in Hardback Soon!!!

Little Black Girl Lost 3 Cover

#9 Sizzling Black Expressions Fiction!

The Honeymoon Is Over Cover

Little Black Girl Lost 2 Ranked #2 on Black Expressions for May 2006!

Little Black Girl Lost 2 Cover

Fate's Redemption Ranked #19 on Black Expressions for August 2005!

Fate´s Redemption Hard Bound Cover

Little Black Girl Lost has been on Black Expressions' best seller list for 8 months! Thanks one and all!

Little Black Girl Lost Hard Bound Cover



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