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Fate´s Redemption Cover
In this gritty and suspenseful family drama from celebrated storyteller Keith Lee Johnson, three brothers find their professional and romantic lives veering out of control and heading toward a shattering conclusion.

Brothers Jericho, Sterling, and William Wise may be bonded by blood but otherwise life has dealt them very different hands. Jericho is a drug and munitions dealer, the leader of an elite group of former military personnel.

Sterling is an attorney who finds himself fired from his prestigious San Francisco law firm on the same day he's expecting a verdict on a nationally televised case that was supposed to make his career.

And William, a widowed psychologist and the youngest Wise brother, has spent the past five years alone but is finally imagining what it might be like to love again. Only trouble is, Terry Moretti, the woman he's dating, is white, and she can't seem to understand the societal and familial taboos that keep William from getting too closely involved.

Jericho has a whole other dilemma to deal with -- one that could see him ending up in jail for a very long time. Meanwhile, Sterling's luck seems to turn around when he meets a mysterious woman who offers him the world -- but is he willing to pay her price?

Keith Lee Johnson's twisting, riveting plot and crackling dialogue will captivate from page one. In the Wise brothers, he gives readers a trio of extraordinary protagonists whose choices lead them inexorably toward a stunning and unforgettable climax.

Reader Reviews

5 Star Rating
September 19, 2005
Very Very Good

Florence L.

In a matter of 3 months I have read most of your books and they were excellent. I read them out of order starting with Little Black Girl Lost, then PRETENSES and finally Fate's Redemption. I was not lost and I figured out the relationships between the books. I guess it is okay if I now start at the beginning with Sugar and Spice, while I wait for your next book.

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5 Star Rating
September 18, 2005
One of the best books I've read in a long time!

Reviewer: Yvette T.

I have not read a book this good in a very long time. I didn't want it to end. I will read anything Keith Lee Johnson writes.

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5 Star Rating
September 15, 2005
Fate's Redemption

Reviewer: Cassandra G. & Tina G.

Keith Johnson is one of the best authors that I have read. This book was off the hook and so were the others. I really enjoyed Sugar and Spice and Little Black Girl Lost. You must get all of his books to understand him.

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4 Star Rating
August 08, 2005
A Story of Redeeming Value

Reviewer: Alvin C. Romer from Miami, FL

Three distinct personalities intertwined within a storyline filled with suspense and intrigue sets the stage for celebrated storyteller Keith Lee Johnson in his latest literary offering, Fate's Redemption. Brothers Jericho, Sterling, and William Wise's stories are told with vivid colors and enough blends to paint a canvas full of contrast. Mayhem, murder and mischief is par for the course as life has dealt them very different hands. Jericho whom we met in Little Black Girl Lost is a drug and munitions dealer, and the leader of an elite group of former military personnel. To the author's credit, this story is character-driven with each entity having enough panache individually to bring a collective set of drama to add fuel to fires simmering, and those raging out of control. Sterling was one of the principal characters in Johnson's Pretenses, a conscientious and gifted attorney who inexplicably is fired from his prestigious San Francisco law firm just before anticipation of victory that would have brought notoriety. William, widowed, aloof and cynical is a psychologist and the youngest Wise brother, who is feeling the pangs associated with the loss of his wife. Compound that with the realization that love comes knocking again in the form of a co-worker determined to net a fine catch.

Taking the synopsis of each, the author gives plausible reason to make this a page-turning delight by introducing a spell-binding plot, moving metaphor, and the back story adding more color for a rich setting. What makes this book a winner is the author going to certain extremes not explored in any of previous works. To wit: Terry Moretti, the woman William considers a thorn is white with a definite agenda to land the noted psychologist amid real and imagined racial angst. This is enough to keep William from making a commitment. Jericho, with drugs and political implications threatening to seal his fate comes to a fork in his road where decision must be made for a better journey ahead. Sterling is dealt a seemingly better hand but will have to also make an important decision when he meets a mysterious woman who offers him the world -- is this a deal that he can`t refuse? What price must he pay if he either fails or turns her down?

Keith Lee Johnson's penchant for good dialogue and alternating chapters focusing on each brother, captivates and gives reason to want to allow continuity to be the better choice in lieu of ennui setting in. He gives readers perhaps a chance to place him finally among his peers writing similar drama for legitimacy and longing fan support, managing to weave a diverse, yet entertaining saga. This book is a must read to understand how far this writer has come to write across the board from past familiarity. I've read two previous books by him and in my opinion this one has more depth and clarity. I highly recommend this book as it should give rhyme and reason to add one more thought-provoking author to the annals of mystery and suspenseful drama.

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4 Star Rating
August 01, 2005
Makes You Think

Reviewer: Camden's Finest from Camden, NJ

The main character, William Wise, goes against everything his family or should I say most want for him in a mate. A white woman!!!! Terry Moretti wants what she wants and she plans on having it in spite of what others think. Is it really worth it? Even if means being ridiculed and constantly under the watchful eyes of people who don't understand or have their "opinions" about what they feel is or is not acceptable?

The author takes you to a place where few dare to travel.

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4 Star Rating
July 19, 2005

Reviewer: Louise from St. Louis

The things that I thought I knew I really didn't know. Will is phenominal in this book. He addressed issues that we have been talking about amongst ourselves and have been too scared to talk about outloud. For a while I forgot that I was actually reading a 551 page novel and not a modern day history book.

Keith's main character is Will, a pyschologist, falls for none other than a white woman. She is not the typical white woman. oops he teaches us in this book that our choice of words and theories can play a big part in our lives in the future. Their lives are full of comments and troubles not only from the outside world but Will and Terry's family as well. Can these two fight off the cruelty of people to keep their relationship afloat?

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4 Star Rating
July 05, 2005
Fair Weather Readers Need Not Apply

Reviewer: O.O.S.A. Online Book Club

Benjamin and Brenda Wise's (Little Black Girl Lost) sons are all grown and leading three very different lives.

The oldest Jericho, a natural born fighter, has made a fortune in the underworld of drugs and munitions dealing.

Middle child Sterling is a successful attorney and consummate ladies man.

William, the youngest, is an established and well respected psychologist.

William Wise is the focus of Fate's Redemption. The widower of five years has found himself attracted to a fellow colleague - a white colleague. This mutual attraction awakens many issues including generalizations, stereotypes, deep seated feelings and hard realities. Far reaching realities. Fate's Redemption is an "interactive" novel as readers along with characters must face their own perceptions of racism and interracial dating. It is a must read as it connects all of Keith's previous works. Fate's Redemption will have you talking long after you've read the last page.

Reviewed by: Toni

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5 Star Rating
July 05, 2005
Absolutely Riveting!!!

Reviewer: Tommy L. Haliburton III from Burbank, CA

This book was definitely worth the time to read; I admire Keith's writing style where he has several sub-plots weaved together to give you a complete view of the overall plot.

Each character is described perfectly and once you remember each brother (which isn't hard) and his storyline, the book is off and running and doesn't end until you finish the book.

Definitely recommended...you won't be sorry!!!

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5 Star Rating
July 01, 2005
How the Past Influences the Present

Reviewer: Nardsbaby from Westside Chi-Town, IL

40 years ago, in Little Black Girl Lost where we meet Benny, and his wife Brenda, she warns him what would happen if he didn't change his ways. Benjamin Michael Wise has lived three completely different lives-lives that manifested themselves in the CHOICES his three sons made.

A rebellious hellion.

A well known ladies man.

An excellent father.

It's August 20, 1999 San Francisco, CA, the Wise wedding reception. Prince Valiant, the youngest of the Wise brothers is trying to protect his Bride from a madman set on taking revenge. In order to get to the gist of what's happening NOW we have to travel two years earlier.....

August 1997

Jericho Michael Wise, whom we met in Little Black Girl Lost, is the oldest of the Wise boys. Jericho is a drug and munitions dealer, the leader of an elite group of former military personnel. Jericho, considered to be the most intelligent one, was also the biggest disappointment to his parents. Boxing came natural to Jericho. Despite his parent's objections, Jericho used street boxing as a way to make a name for himself. Offered the opportunity to use his brains at Berkley or his strengths in Vietnam, Jericho again finds an opening to advance his lifestyle. A political science class would be one of the reason Jericho's lifestyle grew in Southeast Asia.

Sterling Montgomery Wise, whom we met in Pretenses, is the middle child and an attorney. Sterling, feels as if he hasn't lived up to his fathers wishes. Sterling is also the lover of the group. His ability to meet and love women was recognized. Not just by his family, but the love of his life, that at the risk of having it all lost his "Vanessa!" For 7 years Sterling worked at the prestigious law offices of Daniels, Burgess, and Franklin only to be told to resign. I mean you can take the boy out of the ghetto, but can you ever take the ghetto out the boy? Before the stupor sets in Sterling finds that he's about to receive everything he's ever wanted and more.

William Marcellus Wise is a psychologist. On an annual conference, Dr. Wise is drawn into a conversation by his four colleagues that lead to the differences between black and white people. William, the baby is still smothered with affection. He's been widowed five years now. Can you believe he has been avoiding the chance to blend in with his white colleagues? He just isn't interested in placing the entire black race on his back. As William opens the eyes of his colleagues about "black people," readers soon discover that Willy eyes are wide shut to his racism. Dr. Terry Moretti with her southern drawl declares her feelings to William. Terry demands that William gives them a chance, regardless what others may say, and or think.

Settle in and read along as Keith Lee Johnson details the LIFE CHOICES that will modify each of the Wise Brothers lives.

I spoke to Keith in September 2004 in great detail about Fate's Redemption. He was confident that Fate's Redemption; was going to make a ton of people tense. In reading Fate's Redemption, I found that I am guilty of a lot of the points Keith Lee Johnson shed light on. (((I'm certain that I'm not alone in this!))) However, I'm looking to be apart of the solution!

It was great to see other characters from other books, as well as see how some of the previous stories started. This is an author whose work is not for "SIMPLE" readers.

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5 Star Rating
June 30, 2005
Fate's Redemption

Reviewer: Sherrell V. Daughtry from Baltimore, MD

Outstanding read. This book is about three successful and intelligent brothers who each have characteristic of their father at certain times in his life. Jericho was a warrior, Sterling was a philander, and William was arrogant. The base of the story to me was surrounding this interracial relation in which William was hesitant to get involved in because of the problems it would cause, but Terry thought it would be no problem until she was being victimize for dating a black man.

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5 Star Rating
June 13, 2005
A Very Intelligent Read, Very Thought Provoking!

Reviewer: Ashanti Mcgrew from Dallas, TX

Fate's Redemption is a novel that allows us to peek into the lives of three successful brothers. This book is first and foremost a story about interracial love and the impacts it has on individual lives, society, and families. Fate's Redemption takes a hard honest look at race and answers the questions we really dont want to answer but that we know other races want to know. This novel is about race, love, and relationships. Keith Lee Johnson is a descriptive writer who I see as the next James Patterson, he can weave a tale of suspense and this book does a great job of getting you at the first page and holding your attention to the very end. This book will have you missing sleep to read. I give it 5 stars.

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4 Star Rating
May 30, 2005
Intelligent, Thought Provoking, Entertaining Book

Reviewer: Lucy Lane from Livingston, TX

This is the story of three brothers raised by a wise, intelligent, yet flawed father who instilled character, morality, and philosophical views into these men. Mr. Johnson cleverly weaves the stories of these individual brothers into an entertaining tale.

William, a psychologist attending the Annual Psychological Convention is sabotaged at dinner by his four white associates who want answers to racial questions. Their pointed questions bring up his own prejudices as he finds himself in love with one of his white associates.

Sterling, an attorney who is fired from his prestigious law firm just as he wins the biggest case of his life. He is fired for street talking in the office, but lands on his feet when a very wealthy woman offers to set him up in a new office with clients, help in becoming a sports agent, and a million dollars. All he has to do in return is insure that the pregnant girlfriend, who is black, of this woman's son, who is white and on the presidential track, gets an abortion and accepts 5 million dollars never to see her son again.

Then we have Jericho, the eldest and the black sheep of the family - no pun intended. He owns a hotel and casino in the Cayman Islands, but he also is a drug and munitions supplier with CIA connections. He is having a few problems with the government and rival gangs, for lack of a better word. Jericho is a violent, in your face force, but adds much excitement to the story.

Mr. Johnson conjures marvelously diverse, yet believable characters and puts them in a storyline with just enough twists and turns to keep the reader highly entertained.

The street talk became a little overdone for me, but I am a white person and perhaps that is my prejudice.

All in all, this is a good story yet simultaneously thought provoking with differing views on interracial relationships that will have you examining your own prejudices.

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5 Star Rating
May 26, 2005
A Master Storyteller

Reviewer: Allison Hobbs (Author or Insatiable) from Philadelphia, PA

Benjamin and Brenda Wise have instilled moral values, a work ethic, and a strong sense of racial pride in their three sons: Jericho, Sterling, and William Wise. The middle son, Sterling becomes a lawyer and the youngest son, William becomes a psychologist with his own practice. The eldest son, Jericho, is a huge disappointment to his parents. Jericho and Vietnamese wife, Pin live in the Cayman Islands and are leaders of an elite group of former military personnel who are drug runners and munitions suppliers with CIA conncetions. The story starts with a bang with Jericho and crew in the middle of a heart-stopping dangerous high-level drug deal.

But the story isn't about Jericho. Jericho is just a minor character. What a shame. Whenever Jericho makes an appearance in the book, it's edge-of-your-seat excitement.

The main character is William Wise, who spends a large portion of the book grappling with the moral dilemna of whether or not he should get involved with a colleague, Terry Moretti. Terry is a very nice, intelligent, successful, and witty white woman who is crazy about William. The problem is William doesn't want to be perceived as the stereotypical black man who becomes successful and forgets all about the sistahs who had his back along the way.

To be honest, I didn't care for William; I found him bland.

Keith Lee Johnson, on the other hand, has such superior writing skills that I was glued to every page and I must admit, I yearned for more bad boy, Jericho. Hint. Hint. Hint.

All in all, this book will make you do some serious soul searching on your own views on interracial relationships. I give this book 5 stars and reiterate: Keith Lee Johnson is a writer to be taken quite seriously. He's at the top of his game.

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3 Star Rating
May 25, 2005
Stunning Conclusion

Reviewer: Principal Love from Tampa Bay, FL

This novel was okay. It took me 6 days to finish it. It had some very compelling moments like the shoot out at the carwash! Yeah! Go Jericho! I'd liked to do some naughty things to him. Don't hate. I like my men thugged out! Jericho fits the bill perfectly. I wonder what else he could fit. I like the conclusion best though. I won't say why, but you'll know when you read it.

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5 Star Rating
May 25, 2005
Jericho is a Bad Mutha Hush Yo' Mouth

Reviewer: CC598 from Baltimore, MD

Jericho is the story of this book. He's the one I enjoyed most.

My favorite Jericho lines:

"You don't have the vision to run this muthaf**ka!"

"Don't you get it? I'm a born warrior. Born to kick ass and take names."

"I know lookin' at all them cops right now is scary. But you gotta stay focused. We gon' get outta this sh*t, okay? They're more scared than you, believe me. It'll be over quicker than the Gulf War."

"But know this, you f**k over my brother and yo' life is over. You write about retribution; I carry the sh*t out."

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5 Star Rating
May 24, 2005
A Page Turner

Reviewer: A Reader from Dallas, TX

Keith Lee Johnson managed to create an action packed story surrounded by mystery, intrigue, and excellent drama. I fell in love with the Jericho character. His majestic persona pulled me in from the opening chapter of Truce. Jericho and his Vietnamese wife, Pin, are a powerful duo that do not disappoint. They are one in every detail and willing to die for each other. I read Pretenses 3 times and I now know that Pin is the other person Coco Nimburu was referring to in the action packed novel. Keith Lee Johnson has proven his literary muscle with Fate's Redemption. He has shown that he can write multiply storylines in one novel. In this one, he has three going and they are all captivating. Bravo Mr. Johnson. Keep 'em comin'!

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4 Star Rating
May 23, 2005
Upset with the Author

Reviewer: A Reader from Brooklyn

I wrote a review a week or so again and Amazon never posted it. I'm wondering if it was because I was seriously getting my cuss on. I will make sure I don't use profanity in this review. I read Mr. Johnson's book and several parts angered me. That's when I wrote the first review. The book bothered me so much that I had to go back and reread some of it to find out what was it about Will that I didn't like. I mean the brotha is rich, well educated, a strong advocate for minority causes, and had a black wife that he was still in love with five years after her death. At first I was thinking, da@#n (don't wanna upset Amazon again) another brotha with a Caucasian (is it okay to use that word Amazon? You didn't like the other one obviously LOL) female. But what angered me is the author. Mr. Keith Lee Johnson. He's the problem, not the Italian woman. Him! He made me like her. I was trying to be strong for the cause, but the man made me like her. Da#@n! Now that's what I said last time too. I give the story a 3, but I give the author a 4. But don't write no more these, okay?

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5 Star Rating
May 19, 2005
Thought Provoking

Reviewer: A Reader from MD

This novel reminded me so much of the movie CRASH because of its unrestrained and cutting dialogue. The real story, for me anyway, began after Will and Terry, who work together, decide to have a secret relationship. Secret affairs on the job are nothing new, but these two are of different races. One black and the other white. Most of the story takes place in San Francisco in 1997, which makes the storyline even more remarkable to me. I'm not sure I believe attitudes are still so narrow that this kind of thing can still happen. I'm assuming this is really fiction and that none of this actually happened. Real or imagined, the novel is quite thought provoking. The author made me think of some very troubling questions. Are blacks making excuses for their shortcomings? Or is racism so tightly concealed that much of it goes undetected? As an African American female, who has never been in an interracial relationship before, I'm not sure I would want to be in one after read this. I have been approached by a number of white men like one of the characters. Jeannine is her name if I'm not mistaken. But, I've always declined, even though I wanted to. I offer no reasons why. One things for sure, this is a novel that I'll be thinking about for a long time. Great Job Keith.

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5 Star Rating
May 18, 2005
Powerfully Written

Reviewer: Marcia Logan Duncan from Nashville, TN

Fate's Redemption is a heat seeking missile and its locked right on target. You can try to get out of its way, but you can't. The storyline isn't strictly about race, but this novel does look very deeply into black and white relationships in the workplace, and in intimate surroundings. As a woman involved in this kind of romance, I wasn't surprised by anything in this book as I have lived much of it. I've had to deal with women who judged me solely on my appearance. Sadly, when they find out what "race" I belong to, they offered many apologies as if that changed what they said to me in the first place. I hope Mr. Johnson's book sells well. But more importantly, I hope its read because this is required reading, or should be.

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5 Star Rating
May 14, 2005
Finally! An Author with Some Balls!

Reviewer: PL Land

Keith Lee Johnson is no stranger to controversial subject matter in his novels. I'm not a reader, but my wife bought me a book called Pretenses last summer and I've been reading this man's books every since. His stories are different and bold to say the least. He is bold in his books and he talks about subjects such as man on man rape, female assassins and serial killers, women who prostitute their children, and now he done gone and told the truth about interracial (black woman white man ) relationships. And it's about time! Me and my wife, and me and my boys have discussed this and he's telling it like it is. And he's taking no prisoners, naming names and everything. Johnson spares no one in this one, black or white. I guess what I like most is that he didn't gloss over the subject of interracial dating like a lot of people do and then have some sappy ending that isn't the way things are. This man goes places we have all been in private conversation. Fate's Redemption does it in the open without apology.

My favorite character is Jericho. He's right up there with Coco Nimburu from pretenses! Even though he's a bad guy, I like the way he handles his business in the streets. He's tough, intelligent, and doesn't hesitate to kill when he has too. He's involved with a CIA plot that black folk have believed for years. The CIA is trading guns for cocaine and the money is used to buy more guns and more cocaine until the streets in America are filled with blood and crackheads. Can Jericho get away with it? Or will the CIA shut him up permanently?

If that's not enough action, the family drama is off the hook too! When the truth comes out in a white family, their heated exchanges are unforgettable. Who knew about all those skeletons in the closet?

My wife just told me to mention the character development. I'm not all into books like she is, but okay, she says the character development is excellent. Me, I just know a good story when I read one and I don't read many. Anyway, I loved this book. Can't wait for the next one. I hope it's a Phoenix Perry Novel.

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4 Star Rating
April 09, 2005
Where will Fate Take You

Reviewer: The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

Fate's Redemption tells the story of three brothers, Jericho, Sterling, and William Wise. Jericho, the oldest brother could on some levels be considered the black sheep of the family, but in reality, he is also a fierce guardian angel. After many years of illegal moneymaking through the buying and selling of illegal drugs and weaponry, he has established contacts in high-level U.S. Government officials, the banking industry and with other "powers-that-be" throughout the world. He uses his wealth and connections to protect his family, helping them, often from afar, realize their dreams. Jericho and his wife are extremely dedicated to one another, but they are also extremely violent, unafraid to kill or be killed in order to protect their loved ones.

Sterling, a prominent attorney, is the Don Juan of the family. He often provides legal advice and representation for his brothers, and more importantly, his sense of humor is always a source of comic relief. He flees from commitment, always looking for a new woman to bed and send on her way. On the day he wins the biggest case of his life, he is handed a dismissal from the law firm for which he works. With no job, he is forced to re-evaluate his life and try to figure out whether or not he is ready to branch out on his own. When a wealthy benefactor promises him the success he is looking for, he has to decide whether the strings attached to the deal are worth it.

William's story is at the heart of the book. He is a widowed psychologist with a thriving practice. After years of attraction, one of his employees, Dr. Terry Moretti, expresses her romantic interest. In spite of his attraction, William is apprehensive about starting a relationship with her because she is white. As a result of a series of heated discussions with some members of his staff about race issues in the United States and more intimate talks with Terry, he is forced to re-examine his own attitudes and behaviors. He decides to pursue the relationship and what ensues is a tumultuous and at times tragic tale of love, loss and fate.

Author Keith Lee Johnson bills this book as his most controversial yet, and with his hard-hitting examination of race and in particular interracial relationships, I wouldn't disagree. Unfortunately, at times it seemed as if he put so much energy into demonstrating a point, that the characters and their stories were overshadowed. William's story got so bogged down in politics that I found myself hoping that the author would hurry and return to Sterling or Jericho's story. While I am sure there are some people who may disagree with a lot of the points about racist views that blacks have towards whites, I didn't dislike the book because of its message. My problem with this aspect of the story is that I wanted the author to demonstrate his points through the lives and experiences of the characters; to show rather than tell. William's protracted monologues about various issues of race coupled with Terry's incessant need to talk about why black women had issues with black men dating white women got tedious after a while and took away from their story. Also, in spite of the lengthiness of the book, I felt that certain aspects of the plot, especially Sterling's story, were either rushed or left hanging. Still, I enjoyed the book, especially the scenes that highlighted the family dynamics and sibling relationships. FATE'S REDEMPTION is the kind of book you want to read with someone else or in a book club because it offers a lot of food for thought and discussion. (RAW Rating: 3.5)

Reviewed by Stacey Seay
of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers

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