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Wicked Wisdom

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Connelly, Michael

The Poet Cover

Cornwell, Patricia

Predator Cover

Coulter, Catherine

Point Blank Cover

Deavers, Jeffery

Twelfth Card Cover

Dixon, Collen

Every Shut Eye Cover

Evanovich, Janet

Eleven on Top Cover

Fairstein, Linda

Final Jeopardy Cover

Garwood, Julie

Slow Burn Cover

Grafton, Sue

R is for Ricochet Cover

Johanson, Iris

Count Down Cover

Johnson, Keith Lee

Sugar & Spice Cover

Pretenses Cover

Little Black Girl Lost Cover

Fate's Redemption Cover

Little Black Girl Lost 2 Cover

Little Black Girl Lost 3 Cover

The Honeymoon is Over Cover

Hell Has No Fury Cover

Little Black Girl Lost 4 Cover

Little Black Girl Lost 5 Cover

Jones, Solomon

Bridge Cover

Kellerman, Jonathan

Rage Cover

Maron, Margaret

Home Fires Cover

Mosely, Walter

Devil in a Blue Dress Cover

Parrish, P. J.

Paint it Black Cover

Patterson, James

Jack & Jill Cover

Kiss the Girls Cover

Along Came a Spider Cover

Mary Mary Cover

Reiches, Kathy

Cross Bones Cover

Slaughter, Karin

Indelible Cover

Stetson, Jeff

Blood on the Leaves Cover

Thomas-Graham, Pamela

Orange Crushed Cover

Tramble, Nichelle D.

The Dying Ground Cover

Wesley, Valerie Wilson

Dying in the Dark Cover

West, Chassie

Killing Kin Cover

Coming in Hardback Soon!!!

Little Black Girl Lost 3 Cover

#9 Sizzling Black Expressions Fiction!

The Honeymoon Is Over Cover

Little Black Girl Lost 2 Ranked #2 on Black Expressions for May 2006!

Little Black Girl Lost 2 Cover

Fate's Redemption Ranked #19 on Black Expressions for August 2005!

Fate´s Redemption Hard Bound Cover

Little Black Girl Lost has been on Black Expressions' best seller list for 8 months! Thanks one and all!

Little Black Girl Lost Hard Bound Cover



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