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The Honeymoon is Over Cover
Book Description

After his blockbuster success of Little Black Girl Lost, and Little Black Girl Lost II, Keith Lee Johnson returns with The Honeymoon Is Over. Two time divorcee, Nelson Kennard, has finally found the love of his life--so he thinks, but his fiancée, Parris Stalls, has found another lover. Parris, a drop dead gorgeous schoolteacher with a body to die for, has been patiently waiting for Nelson's ship to come in. But after four years of waiting, she began to listen to her friends who told her numerous times to leave Nelson and find a man with some money. In comes the very wealthy Shenandoah Armstrong who has a twenty year old score to settle with Nelson. The fireworks begin when Parris finds out that Nelson became the man she always hoped he'd become. She never loved Shenandoah and never stopped loving Nelson. He still loves Parris, but will he take her back after catching her in bed with Shenandoah? Or has he found another and moved on with his newly found riches?

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5 Star Rating
September 20, 2006
Edge of your Seat - Fun Ride!

Reviewer: Lucy Lane from Livingston, Tx

The Honeymoon is Over is the story of Nelson Kennard, ambitious owner of Kennard Janitorial Services. He works continuously as he wants his company to have contracts in every major city in the United States, not just San Francisco. Nelson is a competitive yet impulsive man by nature. He was drafted out of college as the #1 NBA draft pick by Philadelphia, yet he never played one professional game due to a career ending injury caused by his own stupidity.

Nelson is engaged to and in love with Parris Stalls. Parris wants money and an easy lifestyle now. One night Parris calls and ends their relationship saying she is tired of sitting at home while he works and furthermore she tells him he will never be a success. Nelson is distraught and goes to Parris' house only to find Parris in bed with a former baskeball rival, Shenandoah Armstrong.

Thus begins a story of twists, turns, and surprises at every chapter. Let me say that Nelson doesn't just get angry, he gets even...or does he? This is a perfect fictional depiction of a man's reaction to rejection by a lover and the lengths he will go to prove his lover unjustified in leaving him...or will he? This is a fun read and, as with most of Mr Johnson's books, there is thought provoking material as well. For those of you who have read Fate's Redemption, Sterling Wise is back as he is Nelson's best friend.

The Honeymoon is Over is a must read...a little mystery, a good story, an ending that will surprise you. As an added plus, after you read the book, the title will make you laugh every time you think about it.

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The Honeymoon Is Over Cover

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