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Pretenses Cover
I MADE IT home just in time to walk Savannah, my six-year-old daughter, to Matthew Henson Academy. The school was the main reason we had moved into the Arlington area. Henson was one of a few private schools that required students not only to attend year round but to commit to being there on Saturdays also. Consequently, most of the students were two or three grades above the norm. Savannah never missed a day of school.

I was supposed to meet Director St. Clair at the White House by eleven o'clock. Director St. Clair had wanted me to be there when he briefed President Davidson at his regular 8:00 meeting, but I insisted on coming home first. There wasn't anything significant to report on the Taylor homicides yet. On a case like this, there was no telling how many hours I would have to work. I was already spending a lot of hours on the Rapist case. While it was an honor to meet with the president under any circumstances, I wanted to walk my daughter to school as often as possible.

Savannah leaped into my arms the moment I opened the door.

"Hi, Mommy!"

"Hi, precious." I kissed her on the cheek.

"Look, Mommy. See how Daddy dressed me?" She was wearing one of three uniforms that the Matthew Henson Academy required. The school's colors were green and gold. Savannah looked so adorable in her uniform. Keyth had even put a green-and-gold ribbon in her hair.

"Did you eat breakfast, honey?"

"Yeah." She smiled. "Me and Daddy made it together."

"Did you eat it all?"


"Okay, honey. I need to talk to your daddy for a second. Then I'll walk you to school, okay?"

Keyth, who looked like mid-west model, Marcus Cordland, had just gotten out of the shower when I walked into the bedroom. He was drying himself off, unaware that I was staring lustfully at his muscular back. My eyes dropped to his delicious ass. It was the shape of a round doughnut. I wanted to take a bite. Even after eight years of marriage, he still turns me on.

"You in a hurry to get to the office?" I asked him.

He turned around, and I got a full frontal view of his sculptured physique.

"How long have you been here?" he asked.

"Long enough to know I need taking care of before you go to work."

He smiled. I kissed him, grabbing as much of his ass as I could get into my small hands. At 6 feet 3 inches, Keyth was seven inches taller than I. We started kissing, and his lips tasted good. I could smell fresh cinnamon on his breath.

He pulled away. "You better get on outta here and take Savannah to school, girl."

"Okay. Kiss me again before I go."

"Mommy, come on," Savannah called out from the hallway. "You gon' make me late for school."

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