Sugar & Spice Chapter 11


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Sugar & Spice Cover
"Why? You've tasted Sandra already," Heather shouted back.

Alex backhanded Heather. "Wipe-your-mouth," Alex repeated through clenched teeth.

Heather reluctantly wiped her face. When she finished, Alex kissed her hard on the mouth. "Did you miss me, baby?" Alex asked.

Sandra had finally put her panties back on and covered her breasts. She was about to say something when Alex zapped her with the baton. She fell to the floor.

"What did you have to do that for, Alex?" Heather frowned.

Alex backhanded her again. "You don't ask me questions! I ask you questions," Alex told her and slapped her three more times. First with a backhand, then a forehand, then a backhand again. "You got that?"

Heather nodded. Alex zapped her with the baton and she fell to the floor too.

"Alex, let's get rid of the guy first," Sam suggested. "He wasn't supposed to be apart of this. But he's seen us. He knows what we look like. He's gotta go too. The sooner the better."

"How do you wanna do it, Sam?"

"Let's take his ass out back and toss him over the cliff," Sam said. "First we better make sure the women are here when we come back."

Alex pulled several plastic zip-lock straps and tape from the backpack and tied the hands and feet of the women so that they couldn't escape-then taped their mouths shut. They tied up the man, and then one by one, the twins carried Heather Connelly, Sandra Rhodes, and Paula Stevens upstairs to the master bedroom.

When they came back downstairs, the chardonnay was taken out of the bucket of ice and placed on the bar. Alex grabbed the bucket of ice and they took the man out to the bluffs. Alex tossed the melted ice water into the man's face and he came around. The shock of the freezing cold water snapped him out of it.

"Hey! What the fuck is going on?" The man shouted.

"You were in the wrong place at the wrong time, pal," Alex said. "I would have let you live, but you fucked my girl. Nobody fucks her but me. So, ya gotta go-right off the fucking cliff. Bye asshole."

And with that, they tossed Jasper Hunter over the cliff. He screamed all the way down. His body exploded like a watermelon being dropped when it hit the rocks below. The twins walked back to the mansion and entered through the glass doors that led to the swimming pool. They were about to go upstairs when the doorbell rang.

"Who the fuck is that at this hour?" Alex shouted.

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