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Sugar & Spice Cover
THE TWINS parked the yellow Hummer in the garage. With backpacks strapped on, they followed the paved trail that led to the white solid oak French doors of the mansion. After shutting off the alarm, they entered the multimillion-dollar residence with a key that had been given to them.

Heather hadn't bothered to change the locks or alarm codes in the ten years that the twins had been away. It wouldn't have mattered even if she had changed the codes. The twins were prepared. Thanks to the Internet, they were able to find and purchase an electronic device that was capable of finding the code to virtually any alarm system.

The Connelly mansion was exactly as they had remembered it. A familiar scent filled the air. Heather always burned jasmine incense when she made love the twins remembered. Standing in the foyer, they looked at the white painted walls; the black and white marbled floor, and the crystal chandelier that hung above the split stairway that led to the bedrooms.

Quietly, they walked up the carpeted staircase to look for Heather. They knew her habits. She didn't spend over three and half hours shopping for a silk teddy for nothing. She was expecting a man to come over later, they thought. By now, Heather was taking a bath, washing the day's dirt off of her sculptured body. Or relaxing in the sunken tub as the mini jets massaged every part of her.

As the twins approached the top of the staircase, they heard Heather's unmistakable sighs. They were familiar with her distinctive sounds because they had heard them many times before. Stealthily they crept to the open door of the master bedroom where they watched Heather and a man they had never seen before making love.

Heather was on top of the man, riding him at a fiery gallop, writhing with tight twisting motions that drove the man wild. The sight of their passionate lovemaking threatened to ignite their lustful appetite and set it ablaze. Just as their corporeal urges began to kindle, Heather sighed loudly, fell forward, and panted heavily. The twins leaned against the hallway walls and listened to them.

"Jasper," Heather began in soft intimate tones. "I talked to Sandra and Paula at the Café and they agreed to a foursome tonight if you still want it."

"Really?" he asked skeptically, but also excited.

"Yeah. They're coming by later tonight."

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