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Sugar & Spice Cover
LOUD MUSIC blared from the Connelly mansion, awakening the twins who had fallen asleep in the guesthouse. After a few seconds, they recognized the tune. It was Levert's, Casanova. Evidently, the party was underway, they thought. It was a little after eleven according to the digital clock resting on the fireplace mantle. Alex picked up the high-powered binoculars and looked through the lens toward the mansion. It looked like every light in the house was on. Alex could see Heather, Sandra, and Paula in the recreation room on the first floor.

The man that Heather had had sex with earlier was sitting in a chair, watching Paula peal off her clothing. Sandra, the natural blonde was leaning against the eight-foot pool table watching the show. She was wearing a leopard jacket and a short black skirt that barely covered her derriere.

"You ready, Sam?" Alex asked.

"Yeah, let's go."

They grabbed their backpacks, put on a pair of surgical gloves, and walked out the door. It was dark outside, but they found their way back easily by following the paved trail back past the tennis courts, past the swimming pool, and up the stairs. Suddenly the music stopped. By the time the twins finished climbing the stairs; Heather and Sandra were locked in a vise-like kiss near the pool table, ripping at each other's clothes. Paula, completely nude, was on her knees in front of the man sitting in the chair. Her head bobbed up and down rapidly like a crack-whore who had been promised a vial full of the addicting drug.

The twins walked around to the front of the house. They wanted the element of surprise. When they reached the front of the mansion, they saw the red Diablo and the black Carrera GT parked in the circular driveway. Alex turned off the alarm and they entered the house undetected again. Their hearts began to pound the moment they entered the residence.

"This is going to be absolutely delicious," Alex whispered.

"I know," Sam whispered.

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