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Sugar & Spice Cover
Norrell Prison
District of Columbia

July 5, 2001 12 PM


After ten long distressed years of confinement in one of the nation's worst prisons, the twins walked to a waiting black stretch Lincoln limousine without looking back at the gray cement fifty-foot walls that had imprisoned them. It was an experience far from the life they had known-a life of privilege and ease-a life given to them by rich absentee parents. In prison, however, they were just another pair of inmates with numbers stenciled to their dungarees.

Norrell Prison was full of corrupt officers who following the lead of the warden, were as depraved as the criminals they guarded. Many of the officers were taking payoffs from the gang leaders who were heavily into the drug trade, smuggling in heroin, marijuana, and crack cocaine. But the most detestable crime that the correctional officers allowed was the buying and selling of inmates. Sexual predators ran rampant in the prison, gang raping the weaker prisoners. It was gladiator school 101.

The most nauseating aspect of the widespread corruption was that the prison ran smoothly with the free flow of drugs and limited anarchy. Restricted depravity kept the prisoners from rioting and murdering each other at will.

Initially, the twins were offered protection from the sexual predators if they would give sexual favors to just one inmate. They refused and were subsequently attacked by several career criminals. Fighting back earned them thirty days of solitary confinement.

At first, they complained to the warden but that only invited reprisals from the inmates and guards. They tried to escape several times and had their sentences lengthened by six years. Soon, they learned to play the game and bided their time. To survive, the twins became compliant and gave into the debauchery. They had been bought and sold like chattel on an auction block. Every orifice became an instrument of sexual pleasure.

As the years passed, the twins became stronger mentally and physically. They began to build their slender bodies, turning them into muscular walls of stone. They challenged each other nightly in their cell to see who could do the most pushups. After five years of nightly challenges, they were able to pump out 500.

By the time they could do 200 pushups, they realized they were stronger than the prisoners and guards who had molested them, but they needed to endure-needed to stay in control-needed to stay alive. They continued to indulge in the wanton debauchery, knowing that in time, they would be free.

With two years left on their sentences, the twins were viewed as model prisoners and were given comfortable jobs in the library where they had access to the computer systems. The assignment afforded them plenty of free time to plan and scheme.

Every night, in their cell, they talked until the wee hours of the morning, choreographing every murder. Revenge was going to be so sweet-served so very cold. Now they were free!

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