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The Honeymoon is Over Cover
The Honeymoon is Over!

Chapter 3

As far as Parris Stalls was concerned, Nelson Kennard had finally done what she had been wanting him to do for over six months. She needed a reason to break it off with him. Calling her a stupid-ass bitch was more than enough reason. No one had ever called her stupid and gotten away with it. She hated being called stupid. Even more, she hated being called a bitch, even though the word frequently found its way out her mouth when referring to a difficult woman. But to be called stupid and a bitch in the same sentence, especially by a man, her so-called man, well, that was unforgivable. Without even a second's hesitation, she picked up the phone and called Shenandoah Armstrong.

Shenandoah was the man who had been relentlessly pursuing her for nearly six months, offering her diamonds and pearls, expensive cruises, pressuring her with tempting ideas of sipping cool drinks on tropical islands; the very things she longed for; the very things she thought she deserved. But there was a problem. She loved Nelson Kennard more than she loved the things he couldn't give her-at least that's how it was until everyone she knew began to tell her what a fool she was for not jumping at a catch like Shenandoah Armstrong. A man of means was always better, was their philosophy.

Her friends and family didn't understand what she saw in Nelson in the first place. Sure, he was in business for himself; however, he wasn't making anywhere near the money Shenandoah was making in his position as an executive with Software Unlimited. Shenandoah had the whole package: position, power, money, real estate, stock options with Software Unlimited, and thriving investments. On top of that, he was a good-looking man.

At first, she wasn't even tempted by his success, but as she listened more and more to her friends and family, without even realizing it, she began to contemplate the possibilities. At some point in the previous six months, the decision to leave Nelson for Shenandoah became all too clear.

Parris Stalls could have anything she wanted, and she was going to have everything. Nothing would be too good or too expensive now that Nelson was out of the way. After all, a beautiful woman like her deserved it. She convinced herself that she'd given Nelson more than enough time to produce. He hadn't, and now it was time to move on. The only question that remained was how would she get rid of Nelson? She couldn't just up and leave one man for another man. That's what whores did, and she wasn't a whore-at least that's what she told herself.

Besides, if she left him for no "real" reason, she would never be able to live with herself. That's when she decided to be a thorn in Nelson's side. She believed that if she was moody enough, if she was rude enough, if she was belligerent enough, if she disrespected him enough, he would do or say something that would give her reason to leave him.

Still, no matter how many times she tried to set the stage for an all-out fight, Nelson never fell into her trap, which frustrated her to no end because she needed a reason to break it off and she didn't have one. When she tried to start arguments, he wouldn't argue. When he visited her and she didn't talk, he'd fall asleep on the couch, which pissed her off.

She thought about cutting off the sex, but Nelson was a wonderful lover, and even though she wanted to him leave, the sex could stay. Finally, she decided to break it off the old fashion way, which was to just break it off. Now that she was free to see Shenandoah, he needed to be told she was his, mind, body, and soul, if he still wanted her.

"What!" Shenandoah screamed into the phone after seeing Parris' name in the caller ID. "I told you not to call me until you're through with Nelson, didn't I?"

Hearing the rage in his voice, the lioness that Parris had been with Nelson became a lamb. In a schoolgirl voice, she said, "Yes, Shenandoah, you did."

He screamed at her again, "Well?! Did you break it off, or not?!"

Again, sounding like a kindergartner, the former lioness offered a demure, "Yes. It's over."

Shenandoah was positively beaming with pride. He felt like the conquering king at that moment, but continued talking rough to her. "What did he say?" he growled. "Did he cry? Did he turn into a little candy-ass bitch and beg you to stay with him?"

Realizing Shenandoah needed to feel like he took her, rather than her giving into wanton greed, she answered, "I didn't even bother to listen to him once I decided it was you that I needed in my life. You're ten times the man Nelson is and better looking, too."

"If that's the case, why the fuck did you make me wait six goddamn months?"

A long pause occupied the distance between them.

She raised her voice several octaves. "You think I'm a whore, Shenandoah? Is that it? You think I'm a whore?"

"Are you a whore?" he asked roughly.

"If that's what you think, maybe I made a big mistake."

"Did you make a big mistake, Parris? Because if you think you made a big mistake . . . you made a big mistake, okay? And I don't have the time or the fucking patience to wait around for a woman that doesn't know what the fuck she wants. Now . . . what's it going to be?"

His fiery words silenced her again and at the same time excited her. She found his harsh tone sexually stimulating. A campfire ignited in her private place and began a slow steady burn.

Instead of answering his direct questions, invitingly she asked, "Are you coming over or what?"

"If I do, I'm not coming over there to talk! I'm tired of talking, aren't you!?"

The schoolgirl returned and offered a sexy, "Yes."

"Look . . . I'm not for any more games, Parris! Are we going to do this, or not?!"


Shenandoah Armstrong looked at his diamond-studded Rolex. "I'll be there in thirty. And you better not be playing games! You understand?!"


After hanging up the phone, Shenandoah acted as if he was a second grader with a crush on his teacher. Everyone had a price, he knew, and he had bought himself the prized possession. He had fought a six-month battle for the affections of Parris Stalls and won. The only thing left were the spoils, which he would plunder in thirty minutes.

He went to his bathroom, opened the medicine cabinet, and took out his package of Cialis. He put one in his mouth, threw back his head, and swallowed hard. Then he went to his bedroom closet and grabbed a twelve-pack box of Trojan condoms. He was expecting to make love to her that night, the next day, and the day after that.

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