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Little Black Girl Lost 2 Cover
Book Description

Since fifteen year-old Johnnie Wise's mother was murdered by KKK leader Richard Goode, she's had to do what it takes to survive. She's managed to live through the riots resulting from Goode's violent death and the relentless pursuit of the man responsible, Napoleon Bentley, a notorious gangster who'll stop at nothing to have her. Now Johnnie is thrown into a dangerous love triangle when she can't fight her feelings for Napoleon, and she won't come clean to her new boyfriend, Lucas, about her and Napoleon's sordid past. But not only does Johnnie have drama in her love life, but a new job as a maid for a prominent white family comes to a tragic end when secrets from her past are unleashed. Will she be able to land on her feet this time?

Spotlight Reviews

4 Star Rating
February 12, 2006
Unfinished Business

Reviewer: Nardsbaby from West Side Chi-Town IL

Johnnie Wise was once a good church going Christian. It was Christmas Eve almost two years ago when her virginity was auctioned off, manufacturing her into a prostitute turned adulteress and now an accessory to murder.

Little Black Girl Lost 2 follows up with Miss Johnnie Wise after a vicious race riot that tore through the black owned Sable-Parish. If it wasn't made clear in book one, it is officially confirmed that Miss Johnnie Wise possesses that potent stuff. The men who are surrounding her are all willing to risk their own lives and those around them in an effort to be triumphant in her eyes.

Johnnie has decided that she needs to identify with the Beauregards', her white relatives. It's not long before she realizes that both families' behavior is a lot alike. With her power, beauty and knowledge, can Johnnie be accepted into the family despite her skin color?

Lucas Matthews is the boy that Johnnie truly loves. She knows that he is hurt by her deception and she's decided to fight to the end to win back his favor. Lucas has become a powerless love slave, but to how many women? Though he understood Johnnie's "profession" it still hurts him. Can he deal with her fascination of his employer?

Napoleon Bentley is a dangerous, devious and powerful man. Although Johnnie is young in age, she is unlike any other woman he's been with. So much so that he's waged a war against his unsuspecting pawn to win her love. Will she tumble into his grasp?

Little Black Girl Lost 2, while entertaining, was not as interesting as part 1 and at times is droning.

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4 Star Rating
February 12, 2006

Reviewer: A Reader

Napoleon Bentley is a powerful man that's used to getting what he wants. He wants two things: the young and beautiful Johnnie Wise and complete control of New Orleans. Never mind the deterrents. He wants what he wants and so the game begins. It's the game of Chess, except he's playing with peoples' lives.

Johnnie Wise or Johnnie Unwise? A whore by any other names is still a whore. Everyday Johnnie deals with internal conflict. Is she destined to be a whore like her mother and her mother before her? Wanting to know the white side of her family, Johnnie accepts employment as a maid in the Beauregard's household. She is still very much in love with Lucas despite his change in attitude after learning of her clandestine rendezvous with Napoleon. Lucas has her heart, Napoleon has her body, and her questionable destiny has her mind. How will Johnnie fair? Will she give into the urges of her heart, body, or mind?

Like Johnnie, Lucas has his own internal battles. The spirit is indeed willing, but the flesh is weak. And weak it is for Lucas when it comes to Marla, Napoleon's wife. Johnnie is who he wants, but Marla is who he craves. This time is the last time. That is until Marla comes a calling doing what she does so well. Will he win the battle, but lose the war and his life?

The board is set and the game has begun as the players make what they deem to be strategic moves. Players will become pawns. Mistakes will be made. Lives will be lost. Keith Lee Johnson's Little Black Girl Lost 2 picks up exactly where its prequel left off. Readers are given some helpful reminders of some of the happenings in the first book without the story being retold. While I found this sequel entertaining, I did not find it as intense as the first. I do however recommend LBGL 2 as well as his other novels. Keith "played" his readers, starting a game that did not conclude with LBGL 2.

Keith, it's your move.

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Reader Reviews

5 Star Rating
March 8, 2006
You Must Read

Reviewer: T. Holt from Chicago, IL

I thought this book was great. Although I hated to wait for part two to come out, but it was worth the wait. I couldn't stop reading. Every free moment I had I was reading.

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5 Star Rating
March 5, 2006
Bravo Mr. Johnson!! Very Well Written.

Reviewer: Billie "S. S. Carter" from Elizabeth, NJ

Let me start off by saying to Mr. Johnson, although it took me forever and a day to read LBGL, I finally read it and I truly enjoyed reading about Johnnie Wise and her having to grow up rather quickly. I rushed to finish it so that I could read LBGL 2. Between the 2 books, it made me angry, a little teary eyed and somewhat anxious.

As I got to the ending of LBGL 2 I tried to slow my reading down because I didn't want the story to end. Now what I need to know is....Is there a part 3 in the making and if not, please, please, please consider it for us readers who simply adore your creativity.

I'm ready to discuss the book

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5 Star Rating
March 3, 2006

Reviewer: African - American Supporter from Garland, TX

I think that this was better than Part One of Little Black Gril Lost. I think that this was a great read and I would recommend it to my many friends. There has got to be a part 3 to Little Black Girl Lost. I finished part 2 yesterday and it was even more breathtaking than part one. I gotta know if Johnnie got with Napoleon, Did she Blackmail Ethel? What happens when Lucas gets out is he going to be with Marla? All I can say is Bravo, you have out done yourself with this one.

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