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Ann Coulter

Jada Pinkett-Smith

Wicked Wisdom

Phillip Thomas Duck

Alisha Yvonne

Laura Schlessinger

Dr. Frederick K.C. Price

James Patterson

Eric Jerome Dickey

Jackie Collins

L.A. Banks

Brandon Massey

Kendra Norman-Bellamy

Little Black Girl Lost 2 Cover
Since fifteen year-old Johnnie Wise's mother was murdered by KKK leader Richard Goode, she's had to do what it takes to survive. She's managed to live through the riots resulting from Goode's violent death and the relentless pursuit of the man responsible, Napoleon Bentley, a notorious gangster who'll stop at nothing to have her. Now Johnnie is thrown into a dangerous love triangle when she can't fight her feelings for Napoleon, and she won't come clean to her new boyfriend, Lucas, about her and Napoleon's sordid past. But not only does Johnnie have drama in her love life, but a new job as a maid for a prominent white family comes to a tragic end when secrets from her past are unleashed. Will she be able to land on her feet this time?

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Little Black Girl Lost 3 Cover

#9 Sizzling Black Expressions Fiction!

The Honeymoon Is Over Cover

Little Black Girl Lost 2 Ranked #2 on Black Expressions for May 2006!

Little Black Girl Lost 2 Cover

Fate's Redemption Ranked #19 on Black Expressions for August 2005!

Fate´s Redemption Hard Bound Cover

Little Black Girl Lost has been on Black Expressions' best seller list for 8 months! Thanks one and all!

Little Black Girl Lost Hard Bound Cover



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