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Little Black Girl Lost Cover
"Next time, it'll be easier."

When they entered the bedroom, Shamus undressed hurriedly as Johnnie watched him, almost panic-stricken. The look on his face was like a man in the Sahara Desert desperately in need of water. While Earl Shamus stripped down to his boxer shorts, Johnnie stood there watching, unsure of what to do. Shamus turned around and saw Johnnie standing there, still fully dressed and staring at his protruding organ. She could see a small wet spot in the front of his shorts where the semen had already begun to seep out. Johnnie looked him in the face and wondered what he expected her to do. I've never done this before.

"What are you waitin' for, girl?" Shamus asked, impatiently. "I don't have all night. I have to get home. My wife is holding dinner for me. Now get undressed!"

Oh, my God! Suddenly it became clear to Johnnie that not only would she be fornicating with Earl Shamus, but she would also be an adulterer just like him. She wanted to get out of that room and out of the situation altogether. But how? "Yo' wife know you be in the colored neighborhood spreadin' yo' sap around?" Johnnie asked, hoping the question would be enough to jar his conscience.

"What's it to you? You just take them clothes off. I've been waitin' a long time for you and I mean to have you. Do you have any idea how much money it cost me to get you? Plenty, that's for sure."

Is there no shame in you? She wished her big brother Benny was home, believing that if he were there, Earl Shamus wouldn't dare try this. But Benny had a family of his own now, and was living in San Francisco with Brenda, his wife, who had just given birth to Jericho in October.

"Come on, girl," Shamus ordered.

Reluctantly, Johnnie undressed. Shamus watched her every move as if she were doing a striptease just for him. His mouth watered when she took off her blouse. He knew she had a nice shape, but hadn't fathomed how well put together she was. Johnnie's measurements were 40-24-38. Her delectable breasts spilled over her bra, revealing lots of cleavage. She had a trim waist, and her pear-shaped derriere sat atop slim, muscular thighs and calves. There wasn't a hint of fat on her.

Johnnie could see the eagerness in his eyes. He looked like a ravenous lion that hadn't eaten in weeks, which terrified her. She slid out of her skirt and stood before him wearing a white bra and panties. Black pubic hair was visible at the outer edges of her panties.

"The rest," he demanded.

Johnnie reached around, unhooked her bra and slid each arm out. The tears flowed again. She looked at him, praying he would have mercy and let her go.

Looking at her large breasts, Earl Shamus couldn't wait to fondle and suck them. Somehow, the whole idea of seeing her half naked made him even harder, and he wanted to see more. "The panties too." It was more of a request than a demand this time. The sight of her nakedness made the anticipation of being inside her all the more stimulating.

Johnnie slid out of her panties one leg at a time and stood motionless before him, attempting to cover herself. Shamus took off his boxers and she looked at his stiff penis, semen still oozing. She'd never seen one before. It looked gigantic. She saw a thick vein sticking out and wondered if an erection hurt. With him being as big as he was, it would certainly hurt her, she thought. She had heard how the first time was very painful from some of the sexually active girls at school.

As Johnnie contemplated what was about to happen to her, Shamus grabbed her and threw her on the bed, recklessly squeezing and sucking her breasts. His hands were still cold and damp from being outside. His groans sounded like a wounded animal. Then he kissed her lips. The smell of wine on his breath made her nauseous. Johnnie wondered what her mother was doing out there in the living room. And what did she mean when she said all women had to go through this? Was Mama raped? Or did grandmama sell her too?

Johnnie could hear him lapping at her breasts, and those terrible animal sounds he made. When she felt him touching her genitals, she wanted to scream in horror but clenched her teeth instead. He pried her legs apart with one of his knees and positioned himself to enter her.

"Oh, Jesus! Sweet Lord! Don't let this happen to me! Please God! No! No! No! No! No! No!"

Earl was so overcome by lust, so blinded by wanton desire that he couldn't hear her supplication. He moved his organ around until he found the opening of her extremely tight vagina.

Suddenly, without warning, she felt the piercing pain of the violation taking place.

"Ooooooh, God! Nooooo!"

With each violent thrust, she cried louder and louder. "Stop it...Stop it...Stop! Please stop!" And as suddenly as it began, it was over. She could feel him slipping out of her. Exhausted, Earl Shamus rolled off her. Then he looked at her and kissed her cheek.

"Thank you. That wasn't too bad, was it?"

Not knowing what to say, Johnnie, still whimpering, shook her head no. She was frightened and confused. Only minutes ago, she was upstairs reading in her secluded retreat. The next thing she knew, she was being sold to a white man for Christmas presents and food.

"Next time, it'll be easier," Shamus told her.

"Next time? You mean I gotta do this again?" Johnnie wondered how many times she would have to do this to pay for the gifts and the food.

"Yeah, girl. You might even learn to like it." Shamus chuckled, feeling like a stud. He got out of bed and put his clothes back on. He put five dollars on the pillow. "Buy yourself something. See you next week."

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