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Sugar & Spice Cover
BREAST IMPLANTS were the words that ran though the minds of the twins as they looked attentively at the statuesque women. With the exception of their enlarged bosoms, all three women looked virtually the same as the twins remembered-better in fact. It was clear that they had kept themselves in shape, probably on one of the stairmasters at the Malibu Health Spa.

After about an hour and a half, Heather Connelly, Sandra Rhodes, and Paula Stevens left the Pier View Café. Sandra drove the Diablo. Paula drove the Carrera GT. No doubt about it, all three women had done well for themselves over the past ten years. They zipped out of the parking lot like three adolescent males trying to prove their manhood and raced down the Pacific Coast Highway. Sandra and Paula headed toward home, but Heather went on to Santa Monica.

Less than thirty minutes later, Heather Connelly had reached the Santa Monica Mall, where she searched diligently for the perfect lingerie that would set Jasper Hunter's heart aflame. After scouring Neiman Marcus, and Dillards, she finally settled on a red silk teddy with a plunging neckline, matching fishnet stockings, garter belt, and stockings from Victoria's Secret.

Having found the seductive garments, Heather drove back to Malibu with Destiny's Child's, Independent Women blasting in the CD player, still unaware of the yellow Hummer that followed at a distance.

Heather sang along with the Grammy winning trio.

♫ Lucy Liu . . . with my girl Drew . . . Cameron D and Destiny . . . Charlie's Angels come on. ♫

It was almost 6:30 when she pulled up to the gate. The power window hummed as it slid down. After hitting the appropriate numbers on the keypad, the gate swung open and she drove up to the secluded French Normandy mansion that boasted a 13 car garage and parked the Bentley.

The twins waited for what they thought was sufficient time for Heather to park the car and enter the house, then drove up to the gate. They knew the code. The gate opened and they drove in undetected.

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